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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) At The Auction

How do I Register to bid?
  Upon arriving at our state-of-the-art facility, buyers register for a bidder number.  If this is your first visit, we ask for a valid driver's license or other government-issued photo ID, along with some basic information.  Once registered with us, your next visit will only require the last four digits of your phone to receive a bidder's number for that auction.

Before the bidding begins: Find a seat where you will feel comfortable.  Take the time to preview the items that will be presented for bidding.  Check items according to your own set of criteria - size, color, condition, maker, style.  It is often helpful to bring along a magnifying glass.  If you have questions on an item, find a staff member or the auctioneer.  We will be more than happy to provide additional information when we can. Take note of the items you are interested in and what you are willing to pay for each item.

During the auction: Give yourself time to learn the rhythm of the auctioneer. Each auctioneer has a different cadence and style. Before the item you are interested in comes up for bidding, listen to how the auctioneer starts the bidding.

How do I Bid? The auctioneer begins the auction by providing basic information about the auction. The opening bid is set by the auctioneer. Follow along with the auctioneer and when the bid offered is in your range, raise your bidder's card. The auctioneer will then volley your bid with other members in the audience that are interested in that item. When a high bid is reached, the auctioneer will repeat the bid offered and announce "SOLD" or will announce the winning bidder's number. Your bid and bidder number is then recorded on the JAS computer system, providing accuracy for the bidder on amounts paid and for the consignor to track the amounts due to them.
A few terms to be familiar with:
  • Bidder's Choice - The high bidder on a group of items has won the right to select an item from the group last auctioned. Once an item is selected, the auctioneer will repeat the bidding on the same group to determine a new high bidder. This new high bidder then will select an item from the active auction lot. This process will continue until the entire lot is sold or the auctioneer opts to sell the remaining items as a lot. The auctioneer also may opt to open the lot to a back-up bidder prior to reopening the bidding. The back up bidder is the last bidder, just before the high bidder.
  • Times the money - If a group of items is being auctioned, the winning bidder will have the option to select multiple items from the group. The high bid is then multiplied by the number of items selected.
  • Buyer's Premium - At most JAS auctions, the buyer's premium is 13%, with a 3% discount given for cash, debit cards or checks known to us. This fee is added to the winning bid. The premium is included to assist the auction house in covering the costs associated to the development of the auction and preparation of the auction items. For example, if your total bids are $100 - the buyer's premium would be $13. The total amount due at the checkout would be $113, plus applicable taxes.
How do I know if the final price is a fair price? An auction provides a forum for determining the current market value of an item. The best way to know a price is fair is to do your homework. Set your bidding limits BEFORE the auctioneer starts the bidding. This helps to keep the excitement of the auction at a controlled pace. The auction process is a method for informed and competitive bidders to determine the market value of an item.

How are Sales Tracked? JAS Sales are computerized, providing the buyer and seller with an itemized listing of purchases and sales.

What if I can not stay for the whole auction? JAS accepts absentee bids. Absentee bids are also a method of bidding when you can not attend the auction at all. Once you have found an item you interested in, contact us or return to the registration area and inform the cashier you would like to leave an absentee bid. You will receive stickers with your bidder number. The clerks will then track the item. When the item is presented for bidding, your absentee bid will be initiated. As the bidding begins, the auctioneer and clerk will reference your high bid to keep you in the bidding up to and including your highest offer. If the item is won, JAS will notify you of your win!

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